How to Make Friends Online: The Definitive Guide

I remember the first time I tried to make a new friend online. It was in middle school, and I was desperately searching for people with similar interests. But it seemed like every website I went on was filled with spam, bots, or inactive users who wanted nothing more than to send me an unsolicited dick pic. Since then, I’ve learned which websites work best for meeting new friends in real life and which are just downright awful—and luckily for you, I’m going to tell you all about them here!


Hotlivetv is a social networking platform that welcomes all users to join for free. Users can upload photos, create blogs and journals, play games with other members, send virtual gifts to friends and partners, watch live broadcasts by celebrities, and communicate with one another via instant messaging services. The website features an advanced search tool allowing users to watch movies, participate in betting games and share their interests. The app is available for download from our official website free. is a website that allows you to find people who share your interests or have similar goals. It’s a platform where you can meet other people in person and form relationships with them that otherwise might not be possible. For example, I joined the [more than 40] group on Meetup because I wanted to learn more about coding and JavaScript, but I didn’t know anyone personally who could help me out with some programming problems. The website has been really great for connecting me with others who are interested in learning new skills too!

The great thing about Meetups is that they’re usually free, so there’s no risk involved if you’re worried about wasting money on something that doesn’t work out well (like dinner dates). You’ll also learn from other members’ experiences by attending events held by different groups on the site—for example, all of my classes were filled with people who had previously attended meetups for various reasons (often just for fun!) so it was easy for us all get along well together when we started working together later down the line!

Ok Cupid

OkCupid is a dating website. However, it’s also useful for making friends. You can use it to interact with people who have similar interests and hobbies, which will help you connect with them on a deeper level (and in some cases, lead to romantic relationships). You can also use OkCupid as a night-out or day-trip companion; the site allows users to create events so that they can meet up in person.

If you want to meet new people online and make friends locally, check out [this article]( on OkCupid’s blog!


Couchsurfing is a website that connects travelers to hosts willing to share their homes with them. It’s like Airbnb, but without the money involved—you can stay wherever you want for free!

Couchsurfing has a wide range of users, from people who just want to have an interesting conversation over dinner and see some sights, all the way up to people who are looking for long-term relationships or even marriage partners. It’s totally up to you what kind of experience you want out of it: if you prefer more casual interactions and less commitment than traditional dating apps or services might offer, go for it! Or maybe start off as friends (and then see where things go from there).

There are many ways to make new friends through Couchsurfing: find someone with whom you share common interests who live near where your next destination will be; meet up with locals at hostels when traveling abroad, or even just invite someone from another country over for dinner so she can show off her cooking skills!


Reddit is a social news site where users can post links to content on the web. Users vote up or down on the content they like, and the results are displayed on a leaderboard. Users can also comment on posts. The site is divided into subcommunities called subreddits that cover a variety of topics from funny pictures to politics, with each subreddit having its own unique community rules and moderators who enforce those rules. There are subreddits for almost everything you can imagine—from cats to dogs, from food to fashion—but we’ll get more into that later!


If you are an introvert, dating apps can be a good way to meet new people. You can find people with the same interests as you and strike up conversations based on those shared interests. If nothing else, it will make for a fun story later on!


There are many different ways to make friends online, and we’ve only covered a few here. We hope this guide has been helpful to you in getting started on your journey of making new friends!