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where to put phone when running? 5 essentials ways

I'm sure that the first thing, comes to mind for most people when they hear where to put phone when running is a "smartphone armband." Thou, there are many different types of running belts and armbands, but typically these only hold smaller devices like an iPhone or iPod touch. If you want to run with something larger, such as an iPhone Plus, iPad Mini, or Surface Pro tablet, you will need an armband with a larger pocket.

Another thing that comes to mind for most people is probably their pockets. Of course, this works great if your running shorts have side pockets! It's not so good, though, if you are wearing sweatpants or yoga pants without pockets.

Specially designed armbands exist for running with a larger device. These typically have an adjustable strap that fits over the head and around the back of the arm.

In this article, we'll provide you with several ways to carry your phone with you while running.

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Essentials ways to safely keep your phone while running

  • Put the phone in an armband

It is very common, especially in colder months, when you need to wear a jacket or coat while running. Different armband models fit onto the armband and provide additional support by placing them under your biceps for better device grip. This allows even larger devices like an iPhone Plus smartphone to be securely held during movement.

  • Put the phone in your pocket:

This is a simple and obvious solution. It does not provide much protection from sweat or rain, but it’ll keep your phone safe while you are moving around. You'll need to make sure that your pockets are big enough for the phone. Some people prefer their hip pockets, but you might find it uncomfortable if they are too low or high on your waistline.

  • Hold the phone with Wristband Phone Holder:

Running with a phone can be dangerous. The risk of dropping your iPhone or damaging it is very high, as the device will move around and bounce up and down as you run over bumpy surfaces like asphalt roads. A wristband allows you to secure any size smartphone in place on your wrist so that it doesn't fall out while running. It is very comfortable and easy to use.

This method works great for smaller smartphones like the iPhone SE and older iPhones like an iPhone Plus if you prefer to run with the phone such as an iPad Mini, Surface Pro, or large Android devices, we recommend using one of the other methods mentioned above instead.

  • Wear headphones and put the cord around your neck:

For some, the solution is to go wireless. There are plenty of Bluetooth headphones on the market, and you can find a big range in different price categories. The downside of going completely wireless might be that your earphones will stop working after six months or so if they are not water-resistant, making them useless for running in wet conditions.

  • Place phone on belt buckle:

-For the runner who does not want to wear anything on their arm, there is another great solution. The iPhone Belt Buckle Holder works with any standard belt and securely holds an iPhone (or other similarly sized devices) while you run. It’ll fit all sizes of iPhones and other smartphones like a Galaxy S or Edge + Plus perfectly.

There are different carrying options and running belts (or pouches) you can use when going out for long-distance runs or training sessions.

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when running with a phone, it is best to go for something that allows you easy access while keeping it safe in place during movement. You can opt for putting the device into an armband that has been designed specifically for running. Another great option is to use a wristband that allows for fast and easy access without the risk of losing your phone while running or getting it damaged by rain or sweat during movement.

You can also opt for using an iPhone belt buckle holder to hold even the more prominent devices like iPad Mini's, Surface Pro tablets, and other similar-sized smartphones in place. This method works great for those who want to carry their phone with them but do not necessarily need the device at hand during movement.

Do comment down whats your favourite way to keep your phone secure while running.